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the view from section 203


Building an Upside-Down Puzzle

As I sat at a recent Kings game I began to see some great growth with how the team played. I could see flashes of brilliance and some superior team play. Team chemistry was great. Defense was active and solid. An alley-oop here, slam there, Isaiah for three and the Kings were rolling against a challenging opponent. Then a knucklehead turnover, poor shot selection several trips down the court, an unforced turnover, consecutive threes from the visitors and suddenly that one point lead was now an eight point deficit; Timeout Kings.

As the players walked to the sideline I saw different reactions. One was running to the bench. Another was walking backward yelling at the ref. Yet another was looking up at the score board while teammates came off the bench to respectively greet the other players. Coaches walking towards an impromptu huddle on the court while you can see the overall team frustration begin to mount.

This team WANTS TO WIN. They really do. You can see it and every player gives all they have to the point they try to do too much.

But sometimes it seems like building a puzzle upside down. Piece by piece you try and fit everything together but you only have size and shape to guide you. The puzzle builders use all their skills to try and find the right combination to put the puzzle together piece by piece game by game. Sometimes it works and sometimes you reach for a different piece. Right now we have a vision of the final puzzle but that only helps guide us to continue to support the building process. We see one piece connect to another piece and even see some evidence that this puzzle will come together and maybe even surprise us with what it will look like in the end. But for now we just continue to cheer, support, hope and even dream that one day all the pieces will fit and Sacramento will have a second basketball World Championship (Monarchs – 2005).

After the time out a set play: Isaiah off the screen to Rudy Gay for three. Good! Back on defense and a trap play and hustle gets DeMarcus Cousins a steal; Racing down the court for another lay-up. Just a mere .17 seconds off the clock since the timeout and Kings back on top by four. The arena is up and cheering again.

This is not the Kings of old. This team is energetic and trying and determined to hustle, complete and above all – WIN!

We see glimpses of what is being built and what the future can look like here in Sacramento. But for now I am content with the building process even if every now and then it seems like the puzzle is upside-down.

Build on Kings, Build on!

Well, at least that’s my view from section 203.