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the view from section 203


Can you feel it?

I mean can YOU feel it? That feeling in the air of anticipation.

The Hope. The Excitement.

It happens every season about this time. We start to dream. We start to imagine our team winning. Making the big shot. Winning the big game. Winning the exciting games. Winning a championship.

Yep. I can feel it.

Now every fan of every professional sports team starts the season with this anticipation…and many questions. Who will win it all? Will my team be competitive? Will we make the playoffs? Most NBA fans have many of these same questions and most of them will not be answered for months. That’s what makes playing the games so much fun and going to a game even better.

It’s a sense of newness. A renewed hope for victory and that amazing feeling of being a part of something magical and inspiring. I remember in 2002, the Western Conference Finals, the hated Lakers versus our Kings. That was an amazing run. The team was awesome, the city was buzzing, the fans were exhilarating and the arena was flat out rocking. I can still remember standing and cheering with the noise level so high I could not even think. It was overwhelming…and I loved it! I remember it like it was last night.

Some teams enter a season knowing they are on the decline while other teams have anticipation by thinking success is just around the corner. A few teams go into a season with the theme…it’s our time. And a very few set their standards at the highest level knowing if they miss that one single goal, the entire season will be considered less than successful. In every case it all starts now. With a buzz in the air.

So as we begin the next chapter of Sacramento Kings basketball I ask you…Do you feel it?

Cuz’ I sure do…Lets do this Kings, let’s shock the world.

Well at least that’s my view from Section 203.